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🔎 Why don't I feel the cooling?

First, keep in mind that having a thinner pillowcase fabric should help to feel the pad cooler.
Also, temperature changes are slow to gradually help you ease into sleep and out of sleep. So maybe you just need to give the product a few more minutes to reach the desired temperature (especially in extreme room conditions).

If you don't feel the cooling, check that you correctly placed the pillow pad: above your pillow, with UP written on the tube facing upwards, and ensure the foam squares are also facing upwards. Also check inside the pillow case to see if the plastic circuit is on the top (if not, change it so the foam squares are facing up).

Make sure that there is enough water in the pad and the device and that the height difference between the pad and the device isn't more than 70cm (if not, try to decrease this difference and optimise performance mode through the app if a height difference still remains).

Correct side

If you still feel like the device is not cooling properly, you can follow this article to troubleshoot further:
🔎 How to troubleshoot cooling issues

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Updated on: 16/12/2022

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