After waking up, you connect to Moona but your data is missing. This may be due to the following reasons:

Because Moona uses Bluetooth, the data transfer can only be done if your phone is close to the Moona. After waking up, initiate the sleep data transfer and leave your phone close to your Moona for a few minutes.
If your data is still not displayed, close, and restart the Moona App.

If you still don’t find your sleep data but you see the entry in the "Sleep Data" tab of the main screen for your App > "Sleep Data" tab:
Make sure you are connected to your device. (On the App's main screen, the Bluetooth symbol should be GREEN). Also, the micro-USB should be well connected to the bedside device.
Go to the Sleep Data tab, on the night you want to retrieve.
Hit the "Refresh Sleep Data" button to get the new data from your device
Refresh the screen by swiping down until you see the loading icon on the top

If none of these work please perform a device diagnostic and contact us through the Moona App Settings > Support > Chat icon

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