To confirm that your Moona is not in night mode, press the "O" button. If you see the time, you are out of night mode. If you see the temperature, your night mode is ongoing!

If your Moona stops during the night, there is probably not enough water in it. Try pressing any button on the Pod right after it stops: if you see a water drop on the Pod screen, this is confirmation that you need to fill it.
(To prevent disturbing light during the night (that could wake you up), the water drop does not appear while the night is running.)

If still, the Moona is stopping in the middle of the night or after a night being launched, you can try the following steps:
Make sure your App is updated to the latest version. To update the firmware, go to Moona App Settings > About > Tap on the white fox 5 times. An update button will appear. Follow the instructions on the app to install the update.
Forget the Moona device from your phone/device, close the running app tab, and then try connecting your Moona to the Bluetooth again through the App
Try to move/shake the power plug and see if the Moona reboots.

If none of these work, try resetting the device.

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