Filling your Moona is sensitive, which is why it has to be done under very specific conditions.

The ideal case to fill the tank is to come and add the water directly in the situation of use - the bedside device near your bed and the pillow on the bed - and when your device is turned off or it asks for water (it stays on but the pump stops). The maximum content of your Moona is about 800ml, which is why we advise you not to exceed this quantity during a complete filling and to always add water gradually when the bedside device is in demand.

If you fill your Moona by moving it, it will distort the amount of water to be added: the pillow could then store more water than usual and the level of the water tank will appear lower than it actually is.

Do not fill the water tank when your Moona is in operation; when it is used, the amount of water is shared between the bedside device and the pillow and when the device is turned off, part of the water from the pillow comes back to the bedside device: if you add water during use, all this water will come out of your Moona after the circuit stops.

A valve is present on your water tank and can hold the excess water - if it is in small quantities - for 48 hours; however, it will not be able to hold too much water. So be very careful!

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