If you see the "PUMP" error message on the screen when you try launching a night session with your Moona device, the main system cannot detect any power from the water pump needed for temperature regulation. Please try the following steps:

Try cleaning the water tank completely and draining the pillow pad. There can be deposits building up, that prevent the pump from working properly. Here is an article on how to do that: https://support.getmoona.com/en/article/how-do-i-clean-moonas-tank-1bp4ge1/

Turn on the device while the water tank is empty, a "water drop" animation should appear. Now you can refill the water tank (https://support.getmoona.com/en/article/how-do-i-fill-moonas-water-tank-2mxa8z/) and press the "O" button to let the pump circulate water through the system. Once it is done, you can turn use the device normally

If the message still appears after this, please take a video of all the steps from turning on the device, setting and launching the night session (with Zzz on the screen), until the "PUMP" message appears on the screen

You can send us this short video by using the chat on our website or in the app in Settings > Support, or by email to support@getmoona.com

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