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🔎 I have temperature issues

First, keep in mind that Moona uses smooth temperature changes and it might take some time for the product to reach a cool temperature in a warm environment. We advise you to put in cold water during hot periods and/or to start your Moona 1 hour before you go to bed. Also, we recommend taking a cool shower before you go to sleep.

If the temperature doesn’t seem to drop as expected, it can be due to different reasons.

Follow these steps to fix the problem:
Check the temperature settings. Try a different temperature profile.
Check that the water quantity is sufficient (up to the max level indicated. If not, add some more water)
Check water system for proper operation (no pipes pinched)
Check that the fan is working properly (dust prevents it from working - you can feel air coming out when it is working),
Make sure that your Moona is on night mode the entire night -> you can check this by pressing "O", if it shows the temperature, you have entered night mode
Please make sure the Moona pillow pad is on the upper side (closest to your head) of your pillow. We have had several customers placing their pillow pad underneath their pillow and this will inevitably lead to reduced cooling power.

If the problem persists:
Check if the pad is above the pillow and if the foam squares are up. The pillow pad should not be too high as compared to the pod ( It should be < 70 cm ). Do not hesitate to reduce the distance between your bedside device and your pillow or to clean your Moona!
Check if the water circulates in the pad (empty your bedside device and pillow pad, fill the unit with the pillow pad being 10 cm above the unit, run your Moona and see if the pad is filling). If the water does not circulate check if the pillow pad is not too high as compared to the bedside unit and then activate "Performance mode" (Moona App Settings > My Device > Performance Mode )
If you still don’t see the water flowing through pillow pad, try running your Moona with the water-tank cap open.

It is possible that during extreme conditions, these four steps are not enough. In fact, during periods of high heat, your Moona could occasionally experience difficulties to cool the temperature, however, it would not be a malfunction of the device.
Also, the temperature below 22°C/72°F is not guaranteed and depends on the ambient room temperature. (You can read more on the temperature tab of the App > a small question mark symbol)

If none of these work, please perform a device diagnostic. Then reach out to our support team!

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Updated on: 12/07/2021

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