When it is used, the noise emitted by your Moona comes mainly from the pump that is immersed in the water and regulates the temperature, and the fan that turns on if necessary to cool the system.

Your Moona, in standard situation, necessarily emits a noise but it must be low. If the noise seems more important to you, it is because your Moona encounters a problem. This is rare, very transient and has no effect on your Moona.

There are 4 main reasons for this:
- My Moona makes a noise of "water sucked": there is not enough water in the water tank and the pump sucks water to the limit of the water level causing bubble noises. To overcome this problem, add a glass of water (be careful not to exceed the maximum water level).

- On my first use or after carrying my Moona, the pump makes more noise : there is air in the circuit. You have to stop and restart the pump by pressing the I/O button, the jolt caused will remove the air bubbles and noise.

- A noisy Moona could also be due to too much water in the pod. Take care to fill up your Moona in the same position as you will sleep with it to ensure the correct amount of water.

- I have been using Moona for a long time and lately it has been making noise: Moona has taken the dust. Moona - Remove dust

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