If you are feeling a jolt or a heartbeat in your pillow, it can be as a result of a few variables. When you launch a night mode and the pump is primed, you may experience this thumping sensation from your pillow. No worries in this case, wait for a few moments to pass. If it does not pass, it may be one of the following:

Poor water circulation. Check that the hose connecting the bedside device to the pillow is well connected and not pinched/twisted. In addition sometimes air bubbles get trapped in the system. Empty your Moona and follow the steps to refill your Moona correctly (here)
There is a sharp height difference between the pillow and the bedside device (Your device is on the floor and your pillow is significantly higher). The pump of your Moona can no longer raise the water to the system. In this instance you should try Performance Mode. This ensures the pump has enough power to bring the water up. If you use MOONA in manual mode only and you feel the "heartbeat", you can raise your device. You need to raise the bedside device to reduce the distance between pillow & bedside device and allow proper functioning of the water circuit.

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