Note : If your device is part of the following list, you will need to update Moona using another phone model (any iPhone, iPad, or other Android phone model),
Once Moona is updated with the latest software version, you will be able to use it normally with your Samsung phone —> we recommend you activate the WiFi functionality for Sleep Data transfer in this case

Due to a breaking change in an April 2020 update in Samsung phone software, you will be unable to connect and update to the Moona device using your phone if you have one of the following Samsung phone models with Android version >= 10 installed:
Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S20
Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Samsung Galaxy Note 20
Or basically any “model number” listed below:
‘SM-G988U’, ‘SM-G9730’, ‘SM-G986U1’, ‘SM-G986B’, ‘SM-N986U’, ‘SM-N986U1’, ‘SM-N975U’, ‘SM-G988U1’, ‘SM-G973U’, ‘SM-G781U’, ‘SM-G973U1’, ‘SM-G975U’, ‘SM-G988B’, ‘SM-G980F’, ‘SM-N986B’, ‘SM-G986U’, ‘SM-G981B’, ‘SM-N975U1’, ‘SM-G781U1’, ‘SM-G973F’, ‘SM-N976V’, ‘SM-N981U’, ‘SM-N970U1’, ‘SM-N975W’, ‘SM-G975F’, ‘SM-N975F’, ‘SM-G970U’, ‘SM-G970U1’, ‘SM-G977B’, ‘SM-N976U’
(You can find this number in your phone Settings > About Phone > Model Number)
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