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🔎 How to troubleshoot cooling issues

In order to test the cooling of your device, here are some steps you can go through:

Gently remove the snap buttons on the pillow pad's fabric cover to reveal the plastic pad with water channels

Set the temperature profile to extreme temperatures: 35ºC, then 18ºC, then 35ºC

Launch a night session of at least one hour in total duration

Check if the water is circulating properly in the pillow pad's water channels, and that there is enough water flowing through (the water channels should be slightly bumpy, full of water). If not, you can add more water to the system:
🛠 How do I fill Moona’s water tank?

Check if the water's temperature is changing within a 5 to 10 minutes - usually it's easier for the water to heat up than to cool down, but can vary depending on your room's ambient temperature

Additionally, you can make a remote device dianostic by following this article

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Updated on: 21/12/2022

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