Cooling helps you fall asleep and maintain a good sleep while warm temperatures help you wake up. For more information: Moona - SCIENCE.

On the app the temperature profile is divided into three phases: Fall asleep, Night and Wake Up. It
enables you to adjust the temperature for each phase.

The app will recommend a temperature profile for you thanks to the few questions you'll answer when
you first open the app. You can change it at any time if it doesn't suit you (Settings > Sleep Profile).

To choose the right temperature, it is important to understand that we are talking about the
temperature of an object in direct contact with your head and not the ambient temperature. When
choosing the temperature, think about water temperature when you go swimming. 78ยฐF will already feel
cool for most people.

After ten days of use, our machine learning algorithm will help you to improve the settings based on your own input and your sleep quality data in order to offer you a temperature profile as suitable as possible!

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