This step is carried out after setting up and connecting your bedside device and pillow. It is also used after a change of water of the bedside device and the pillow, a complete cleaning or a use after a prolonged rest of your Moona.

You are using your Moona for the first time:
1) Switch on your Moona (I/O button on the bedside device),
2) Open the flap at the top right side of the product and open the lid,
3) Fill about 800ml (27oz) of distilled water, up to 2/3rd of the water tank window (to help you, use the funnel),
4) Press the O button (a ✅ should appear on the device screen).

You have already used your Moona and it asks for water: 🛌🏻 I see a blinking "water drop" icon on Moona's screen

WARNING: respect quantities to avoid overflowing! Be careful not to let water run through your Moona's air shaft.

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