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📱How do I adjust for a nap?

Moona can take 3 temperatures during a classic night T1, the sleeping temperature, T2 the temperature during the middle of the night and T3, the one chosen for the awakening.

You can set your Moona for a nap by following these steps:

1) Adjust your temperature profile.
Moona will be at the temperature set for falling asleep for the duration of the T1 sleeping phase chosen (default 20min).
Then, if the nap is longer than this duration, the product will switch to the alarm temperature T3. If the nap exceeds the sum of the sleeping and waking times (T1 + T3 = 40 minutes), then the product will be at T2 between these two phases.
2) Adjust the length of your nap.
3) Launch nap: Zzz button in the Alarm tab > Nap

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Updated on: 20/01/2020

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