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🛠 Can I make MOONA quieter?

You can easily reduce the noise made by MOONA.
In your app, go to Settings > My Device. You have three options:

Our latest app release includes the option to keep your fan running at a minimal rate throughout the night. You can select a minimum speed that you prefer and your Moona will drop to it gradually after cooling at a higher speed. No matter what speed you choose for your minimum, the result will be a more constant sound output from your Moona to mask noises that might normally wake you up.

To activate Zen Mode on your Moona, make sure you are connected to your bedside device via Bluetooth, then flip the 'Zen Mode' toggle ON in Settings > My Device and set the minimum for the fan. It really is as easy as that!

- If your Moona device is about the same height as the pillow pad (ex: bedside table) or higher, you can chose this option so that the pump runs more slowly.

You may feel or hear a "heartbeat" in the tube and pillow pad, if the device is lower than the pad. To avoid this, activate the Performance Mode.
- If your Moona is on the floor, you need to select this option so that the pump has enough power to bring the water up.

If you use MOONA in manual mode only and you feel the "heartbeat", you can raise your device. Be careful to not use a surface that resonates.

Finally, you can also reduce the noise by placing your bedside device on a support that doesn't resonate such as a layer of foam, a towel or even a book.

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Updated on: 07/08/2020

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